Application Tips & Instructions

What Needs to Be Completed:

  • Application email linked below under application (includes name, references, resume and cover letter attachments)
  • Tech survey which will be sent to you in reply to application email
  • In person interview that you will be contacted about after completing tech survey

Resume and Cover Letter:

  • Please attach as PDF files
  • Name files with your MIT email ID, file category and appropriate extension (eg: if your email address is, name your files exampleresume.pdf and examplecoverletter.pdf)

Other tips:

  • References should have some knowledge of you and your work. Former job supervisors or extracurricular activity leaders are good choices, as are teachers, coaches, professors, and other mentors.
  • We encourage you to get in touch with your references and let them know in advance that we may be contacting them.
  • On the application email, it asks for you to state what your relationship is with each of your references. Please provide a brief description of how this person knows you (eg. my high school track coach, my freshman advisor).



  • Add your name to subject line (so it reads “Beavertech Application: FirstName LastName)
  • Fill out provided fields
  • Attach resume and cover letter to email
  • Click here to send us an email application.